Blue Lemon October 05 2017

I started using my experience with color and tried oil painting. I have a long way to go, but I want to fine tune my eye. I have it available to buy on at art website. I thought I would quilt in between painting to break up the creativity. I will also try to blog a little more often. Here is my new listing:

Sunflower Centerpiece January 08 2017

Here is another centerpiece I hope you will enjoy. It takes over 20 attempt on each design before I feel good enough to share it. Fortunately, it doesn't take very much fabric to retry. I love the Sunflower and how it reminds us to always look to the light. This year has been hard on our family and the Sunflower reminds me to remember all of the good. May this new year be good to you!

Rock'n Around the Christmas Tree December 17 2016

Hope you enjoy this Christmas centerpiece. I've been having so much fun designing these. My life has gotten very busy and so full quilts are hard for me to do. These can be finished in a very short time and I love having things finished in s really short time. Here are the links to a  and the pattern. Hope you enjoy it.

Some of My Best Friends are Flakes December 06 2016

I love doing these. Here is another candle centerpiece that doesn't have to be put away after Christmas. These little snowmen are "Snow Fun". We have a great video tutorial that will really help.

Thimbleart promotion! November 23 2016

Get this beautiful Nativity pattern download for free with every order. Just enter the discount code: Sew Happy! We passed our budgeted give away. Thanks for your interest. We will try this again another time.


Precious Presents November 12 2016

Here is a great fold and sew centerpiece that we are adding to our collection. Be sure to watch the video. It will really help.

Gobbled Gathering November 03 2016

Here is a great $2.00 download that will sure to become a family favorite heirloom. The video tutorial will be a great place to start and gain that confidence that you can succeed.

Candy Corn Centerpiece September 23 2016

Here is another fun centerpiece. They take so little fabric and turn out great. The price is right for $2.00, a download will be sent attached to your email.


Poinsettia Centerpiece September 19 2016

I love making these centerpieces. They are so simple and turn out elegant. Hope you enjoy this one! Be sure to watch the video tutorial to see just how easy they really are. The pattern is offered as a download for just $2.00.




Heart to Heart Centerpiece September 13 2016

I've been having so much fun creating these beautiful centerpieces. They are fast and easy and so unique. We have  that show just how easy.We are offering all of our centerpieces as a $2.00 download. They would make great gifts for friends and family.