Grey Elephant Quilt by Laura Magleby August 08 2016

Here is a variation on the "It's a Jungle" pattern. Laura made this quilt for  a baby shower. The mother chose an elephant theme for her nursery and this worked perfect. The mother loved it!

Ole' McDonald April 27 2016

Here is a darling quilt with antique toy animals. It is a classic. Hope you enjoy it.

Snowmom 2 February 18 2016

Here is the match to the snowman. Snow Children are coming. These will make a great row wall hanging. We have a great video tutorial. The pattern is only one dollar under our "Blodk-of-the-Week" tab.




Block-of-the-Week January 15 2016

We are starting a new challenge that will be so fun! We are trying to offer a block each week for a $1.00 download. This is going to be a riot. Here is a wonderful video tutorial.

Also find the new tab on our homepage for "Block-of-the-Week"