How to Stencil on a Quilt Top April 17 2014



We are using the pattern from our book, "Treasured Quilt Album" called, "Puppy Pockets"

This "how to stencil on a quilt"  video and post is the first of a new series I am planning to do. I realize that there are many techniques for quilting, sewing, and crafts that could be made more available to you. Your confidence will increase with better instructions and you will have more tools for creating your original creation. You will want to subscribe to our Blog so you will be notified with each new post. They will be quality and worth your time.


Watch how to stencil a quilt.


  • Paper plate
  • Paper towels
  • Pattern copied onto card stock
  • Acrylic High quality water based paint
  • Stencil brush
  • Quilt Top

Step By Step

1.Copy the stencil pattern onto card stock and carefully cut it out.

2. Place a dob of high quality acrylic paint onto a paper plate and dip your stencil brush so the tip of the brush is loaded.

3.Bounce the brush onto paper towel until it is fairly dry.

4.Place the stencil over the fabric block you have chosen. Bounce the brush up and down over the openings. Reload the brush and dab it onto the paper towel each time until it is nearly dry. It is important to use a nearly dry brush so the paint will not wick or leak under the stencil.

5. Continue adding dry layers until the stencil is filled in. You may want to leave areas less covered for a shaded or antique look.

6. Lift the paper stencil up and see the magic of adding shapes and colors to your quilt top without applique. You may want to heat set the paint with a pressing cloth and iron.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial for how-to stencil quilts!