Scallop Beaded Necklace June 10 2014



Here is something different. I love putting little things together to create a larger design. I'm using beads instead of fabric. I think you will enjoy. This is a basic stitch that is used as a base for many other designs. I hope you enjoy it.

Using WildFires string by Beadalon string equal number of large a small beads. The difference in the sizes of these beads will determine the number of beads that are needed to scallop around the larger bead. This example only needs three beads. Thread the string back through the first bead and make a ring. I leave a tail to tie off the string. I then go through the ring again so there will be two layers of thread.



Add three small beads and go through the next small bead in the ring. Repeat around the whole ring.

The beads are tighten around the large bead and create a scallop. When the scallops are finished I go back through all of the scallops with another layer of string to reinforce each stage.

To add the center bead, come out through one of the center ring beads. Go through the center bead and then go through the bead on the opposite side. I then go back around the center ring and go through the center bead again so that all beads are reinforced.

To attach each section come out through the point of a scallop, add three contrasting beads and then through the point of a scallop on the next section. Thread through the beads to get to the end of the next scallop. Add three beads and then through the point of the scallop next to the original scallop. Tighten this up and trace back through this same path so the beads have a double thread and are reinforced. Because there are five scallops on each section I attach them so there are more beads on the lower edge and the necklace will gently bend, which will help the necklace lay nicely around the neck. The video will explain this well.

I hope you will enjoy creating what I like to think of as a "Bead Quilt".