Candy Corn Centerpiece September 23 2016

Here is another fun centerpiece. They take so little fabric and turn out great. The price is right for $2.00, a download will be sent attached to your email.


Poinsettia Centerpiece September 19 2016

I love making these centerpieces. They are so simple and turn out elegant. Hope you enjoy this one! Be sure to watch the video tutorial to see just how easy they really are. The pattern is offered as a download for just $2.00.




Heart to Heart Centerpiece September 13 2016

I've been having so much fun creating these beautiful centerpieces. They are fast and easy and so unique. We have  that show just how easy.We are offering all of our centerpieces as a $2.00 download. They would make great gifts for friends and family.


Pumpkin Centerpiece August 31 2016

I've had so much fun designing these simple centerpieces. I think this one turned out great and I've had so many complements on it. We have a free video tutorial on Youtube.  I've kept the price down, so it is just available as a download. It is a clever idea. The main  pumpkin shape includes the leaf and it is made as one unit. When the leaf is seamed the back fabric, which is green, becomes the between leaves. Watch the video and see how easy this concept is. Hop you enjoy it.

A new pattern, Christmas Holly Centerpiece August 16 2016

Here is a new pattern that is so beautiful and so simple. We have a great video tutorial that will show you how simple this pattern is. This would make a great gift idea for those sweet neighbors and friends. To download, look under the tab of "Block of the Week"

Grey Elephant Quilt by Laura Magleby August 08 2016

Here is a variation on the "It's a Jungle" pattern. Laura made this quilt for  a baby shower. The mother chose an elephant theme for her nursery and this worked perfect. The mother loved it!

Frog Pocket 2 May 20 2016

Here is another quilt pattern for those frog lovers! I will be working on a video tutorial soon. I have new patterns coming. I had to take a break to help with some family health problems, but should get back into it soon.

Ole' McDonald April 27 2016

Here is a darling quilt with antique toy animals. It is a classic. Hope you enjoy it.

Be Ye Thankful April 14 2016

We are releasing "Be Ye Thankful" that was previously available only in our, "Well-Seasoned Quilts" book. It is such a great design. There are two great video tutorials that will help you with the basic construction and pin-stretching.

Will be helping a daughter. April 02 2016

I need to help a daughter with her new baby that had to come with a C-section. I may not be able to post a new "Block-of-the-Week" for a while, but I will be designing them. Hope you stick with me for many great blocks to come....

Thanks for your support!

Ruth Jensen