Free Rabbit Finger Puppet January 28 2015

You will enjoy this darling pattern that we offer free. Watch our free video tutorial and download the pattern to your email.

Copy the rabbit pattern and use man pins to keep the pattern secure. Cut on the outside solid lines. Cut the ear wells a contrasting color.

Using three strands of embroidery floss whip stitch the ear color to the main body of the puppet. The stitches should be perpendicular to the outer edge of that ear color.

Whip stitch the muzzle to the rabbit face. Keep a part of it open and stuff the muzzle for added dimension. Finish whip stitching the hole closed.

Blanket stitch the feet sections to the back of the main puppet around the outer edge. Add stuffing and close the straight edge with a little glue.

Match the back of the puppet with the main puppet. Blanket stitch around the outer edge of both layers. Blanket stitch through a single layer of the lower straight edge. Sew a pom pom for the tail and the nose above the muzzle. Sew seed beads to the face for eyes.

The pattern also includes a darling carrot holder for the rabbits.