Flower Bead Necklase June 13 2014

I really enjoy taking smaller pieces of things and making them into something with a greater design. Beading is one of those infectious skills that I know you will enjoy. This is one of my favorite designs. These directions may not be standard beading form. It is written in layman terms for the beginner.


Materials for one beaded flower: 

  • 5- 3 mm beads(11/0)
  • 10-5 mm (light purple in drawing) bead
  • 5-mm clear bead
  • 5-12 mm pearls
  • WildFire string by Beadalon
  • #12 beading needle
  • Necklace attachment

To complete one necklace. I like to make 12-13 flower sections and about 3 1/2 inches of stringed beads on each side of the flowers that will go up around the neck. Be sure to adjust this to the size of necklace you would enjoy.

You can attach each flower section any way you like, but for this necklace we used 14-3 mm beads for each attachment, 7 for each side that look like a ring between the flowers.
Begin with about two feet of string and thread 5-3 mm beads. Go back through the starting bead and make a ring.Tie a knot

Next, thread a 5 mm bead, clear bead, 12 mm pearl, clear bead, 5 mm bead. In this drawing the clear bead is smaller than the first bead added here. The necklace made in the video and pictured above have these two beads the same size. Bring the thread through the next 3 mm bead in the original ring. Pull this tight. It will look like the pearl has two legs anchored into the original ring.

Bring the string back up through the last leg or second leg. String a 12 mm pearl and one leg(clear bead, 5 mm bead) Bring the string back through the next small bead in the original ring. Pull this tight. It will look like two pearls and three legs. Return the thread up through the last leg (one 5 mm and one clear bead). Add a 12 mm pearl, one clear, 5 mm (another leg) and bring the thread down through the next small bead in the original ring. Return the thread up through the last leg, add ad 12 mm pearl and another leg (one clear and one 5 mm).


Continue around until there are five legs and four pearls. Bring the thread up through the first leg and string one more 12 mm pearl, bring the thread through the pearl next to it to complete five legs and five pearls.


Pull the whole thing very tight.


Next, come out through a pearl and string on another  5 mm bead. Take the thread through the next pearl. Add a 5  mm bead and go back through the next pearl. Each time pull the unit tight until it all pulls up and mounts.

This picture shows how the unit mounts up. Reinforce this unit by going around the outer edge several times, pulling the thread tight. I like to thread through the beads to the original ring and tie it off with the tail. Trim the tail and pull it up through a bead so that the knot will not show.

You can attach the flowers together anyway you like. I used 3 mm or 11/0 beads to create what may look like a link between the flowers. I used 7 beads attached between the smaller beads added last on the outer edge of the flower. Then another 7 beads on the other side as shown below. I went around this several times pulling tight until it held a rounded shape. Be sure to tie and secure the threads. Notice that there will be more beads on the lower edge of the flower than the top. This is partly because there is an odd number of beads, but it also helps the necklace lay in a gentle curve around the neck.

Add a string of bead to each side and attach a clasp. Make these as long as you like.



 Hope you enjoy this pattern!