Free Felt Lion Puppet Pattern June 11 2014

Here is another tutorial for our free felt puppet pattern.


Begin by cutting out all of the individual parts. Everything is cut twice except the lower lip and muzzle. The mane dimension are in the pattern. You can download it for free.

Using a double thread of embroidery floss whip stitch all of the facial features to one layer of puppet body.

Cut the ears from the back puppet and whip stitch to the back of the ears of the puppet face. This will cover the stitches that will show on the back from whip stitching the color in the center of the ears. This will also work well when inserting the mane between the puppet layers.

Notice the layers for the eyes and the section of mane below the lion chin. The lower lip is also added and stuffed. Whip stitch around the muzzle and before it is closed add stuffing. This adds dimension to the little face.

Blanket stitch the two layers of puppet body together, leaving the lower edge open and blanket stitch separately. The mane was slipped between the layers.

French knots were added to the eyes to add a sparkle. Add a pom pom to the nose. This little puppet turns out so cute. We hope you enjoy this little pattern.

You can find this pattern here.