How to Frame a Quilt April 22 2014

It is expensive to have your needlework or quilt but it is so easy to do it yourself. With a little instruction you can have so much fun adding your own art to your walls. We will show how to frame the Nativity quilt from our "Well Seasoned Quilt" book. You will want to subscribe to our Blog so you will be notified with each new post. They will be quality and worth your time.



  • Picture Frame
  • Foam Core Board
  • Quilt to fit the frame
  • Pins
  • Hot Glue

Watch how to frame a quilt.

Step by Step

Step 1.

Using a rotary cutter, cut a foam core board slightly smaller than the opening of the frame. If using a lot of thick batting you will need to allow for that thickness and cut the board even smaller. The batting and quilt top wraps around the sides of the foam core creating more width to squeeze into the frame.

Step 2.

Center the quilt onto of the foam core. The quilt top should be about 1" wider than the foam core so there will be enough fabric to wrap around the edges. Place a pin straight down into the foam core centered on the edges.


Step 3.

Work with the quilt top so that it is smooth and evenly stretched across the board. Continue adding pins working toward the corners. fold  the corners in so they are smooth. Hot glue the extra fabric so it will lay flat on the back of the board.


Step 4.

Place the board and quilt unit inside the frame. My favorite way to secure the picture in the frame is with turn buttons. They make it easy to change out the picture if your desire.

Here is a link to find those turn buttons or clips.