Advent Calendar (Machine Embroidery)

$ 8.00

This Advent Calendar can become one of the most favorite additions to your Christmas celebration. To pause each day of December and direct our thoughts to Jesus Christ will lift the holiday. The pattern includes three themes to add to the pockets for different years; Miracles, Teachings and Names. On the 25th, the family will enjoy deciding who can remember the most.  

Here is a great video tutorial you will enjoy!  The creations of the pockets are very clever and easier than you may think. Be sure to select the language for your machine when downloading.

Large hoops are the easiest(7" x 12"), however the pattern is broken down for a medium hoop(6" x 7").  The medium hoop does not offer the quilting pattern for the border. Each line of numbered pockets is one file(large hoop) or three files(medium hoop). Both sizes are included in each of the different languages. This makes the files take a little longer to download. You will need to unzip them before putting them on a drive for your machine. 

We have produced two videos to help you unzip these 7zip files. It is free and easy and works with all zipped files.

#1 video      #2 video

Email me if you still need help.


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